My day

Today was walking towards work , i was in a hurry so i decided to eat a cookie as i walked to work then suddenly immediately i bought the cookie i just saw this family in a street and i couldn’t resist there outcry of there eyes looking at me with so much sadness, i just gave them the cash i had and walked away ,once i arrived at work my boss called me to his office to my surprise thinking i was in hot soup for being late then boom i was handed over a promotion ,truly no good deed goes unpaid .


Humanity is knowing when something has to b done right, governments representatives lack humanity due to the fact that majority are greedy,selfish,arrogant personnel who come beg people for votes only to prove that stealing money , carelessness is part and parcel of not caring about the people who voted them in office , people need to raise up and fight for whats important.

Don’t vote for someone just because he is successful in business,what he drivers, how rich he is , how educated he is choose a person who is selfless enough to sacrifice all to build his/her home town and is a true patriot .

What’s love without hate.

Love is the best feeling in life,that can undergo so much pain and hurtful moments to be turned to hate towards the person who once mattered and close to your heart. Even though they say love is all about sacrifice what happens when you sacrifice even your life? Love isn’t stupid no matter how much u might love someone always keep a straight forward thinking , never sacrifice to an extent of your own happens.

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